Lost and Found: Archives – Vol. 2 is Kenny’s collection of never-before-released material. Featuring 19 tracks spanning over 40 years (from 1969 – 2009).



  1. American Lovers
  2. Moonlight
  3. Please Be My Girlfriend
  4. Take A Dip With Dinah
  5. My True Story (Alternate Version)
  6. Blue Because Of You
  7. Girl In My Dreams (Live) duet with
    Johnny Gale
  8. The Madison Song (Live)
  9. Guardian Angel
  10. Sun Mountain
  11. The Performer (Alternate Version)
  12. Medley (Live) In The Still Of The Night, Don’t Ask Me To Be Lonely, Devil Or
  13. Diamonds And Pearls
  14. Lies
  15. Let It Be Me (Live) duet with
    Johnny Maestro
  16. Once In A Lifetime
  17. Gloria (Live)
  18. Angel Baby (Live)
  19. Looking For An Echo (Live)
Listen to Angel Baby!

My house on the beach in Rockaway, New York was built in 1916…The house had survived many storms since 1916 and in the 40 years I lived in it… Hurricane Sandy wiped away my house in one fell swoop and I lost nearly everything that was meaningful to me…

An artist’s workplace is always filled with many different projects and ideas in various stages of completion and development… ideas for what one hopes could be… many embryonic and unfinished. This CD is a collection of some of these songs, cassette tapes, demos, rough tracks, scratch vocals, live recordings, transfers from acetates, and for the Planotones arrangement ideas… for some of the greatest songs from the 1950’s-60’s…

Copies made over the years along with tapes, cassettes, and demos found in the destruction of my home, have the unlikely distinction of being sequenced in this historical compilation spanning 40 years (1969-2009).